Engaging professionals and experts in quality improvement and change

Jo-Louise Huq, Ph.D, MBA, CCMP November 6, 2019 When I talk to senior leaders and managers about change and improvement, they ask variants of the following questions: “How can I get my people to pay attention to and participate in the change project,” and, “ How can I reduce resistance to change in my staff?” [...]

Thinking about Collaboration

Jo-Louise Huq (Ph.D., MBA) June 2019 I am hearing more and more about the importance of distributed leadership, collaboration, capacity building, and experimenting and learning in and among organizations. [i]  [ii]   In this post, I want to explore collaboration. Oxford dictionary defines collaboration (noun) as “the action of working with someone to produce something,” and [...]

Thinking about Kotter’s change model

Jo-Louise Huq (Ph.D., MBA) & Kathryn York (MBA, B. Comm) June 2019 Kotter’s eight step Leading Change model emerged around 1995. The original model was revised in 2012 to reflect an increased pace of change in organizations and to address the original model’s top-down approach to change.[1] Kotter's eight steps are as follows. Create sense [...]

Social Innovation in Established Settings

Jo-Louise Huq (PhD, MBA) May 2019 Social innovation is about creating and introducing new ideas and solutions to address persistent, complex social and environmental challenges — things like housing insecurity, the opioid crisis, climate change, poverty. These and other issues “hamper economic growth … heighten inequality, increase the need for expensive public services, and result [...]

Strategic Learning: Beyond Board Roles and Responsibilities

Jo-Louise Huq and Kathryn York. April 2019. Boards are an integral part of non-profit organizations whether they are structured to focus on governance, policy, or administration. Effective Boards have clear roles and responsibilities that help focus members who bring different perspectives, experiences, and interests to the organizations they serve.[i] There are numerous resources available—including our [...]

Professional Development in Non-profits

Jo-Louise Huq (PhD, MBA). February, 2019. Canada’s non-profit sector includes over 170,000 charitable and non-profits organizations, according to Imagine Canada.[i]The sector contributes substantially to Canadian GDP, and millions of Canadians are employed by and volunteer in nonprofits and charitable organizations.  In our work with non-profit leaders and managers, we are consistently amazed at how much [...]