Who Are We?

Jo-Louise Huq (Ph.D., MBA) & Kathryn York (MBA, B.Comm)

When we started this blog, JL had recently completed her dissertation and was looking for ways to share some of what she had learned about innovation and change in organizations and sectors. Kathryn had returned from 10 years on Hong Kong where she had an amazing set of experiences working with Fortune 500 companies. Now, a few years out, we are consulting and working on interesting change and innovation projects through our company CCIG | collective change and innovation group and through other engagements.

Over the past few years we’ve been asked a lot of questions about the “how tos” of change and innovation. So, we decided to shift this blog into a platform to reflect on these questions and share research, ideas, and experience about change and innovation. We hope you will join us by following.

Although we have been involved in innovation and change work we are not perfect practitioners. We’ve made mistakes. But, we have learned from our mistakes and we have also seen a lot of success! We may not always have answers – but we can offer insights and ideas that will support change and innovation work.  

Some of our thoughts on change and innovation —

  • Change and innovation are processes that are emergent and iterative, and that can be guided not directed. Structured processes are needed but need to allow for flexibility and engagement.
  • Collaborating for change and innovation is usually a better approach than imposing or directing.
  • People in organizations might support change even when their actions suggest otherwise. It’s important to dig into ‘resistance’ to understand why resistance is happening and what it means.
  • Even when people agree with a change direction and agree that change is needed, they may not know how to change their behaviors and ways of working to support the change. Slow adoption can happen because of many reasons.

This blog is linked to CCIG: Collaborative Change and Innovation Group (ccigsolutions.com). Through CCIG, Kathryn and Jo-Louise support sectors, organizations, and individuals who want to encourage collaborative change and innovation to better address social and organizational challenges.

Links to Jo-Louise’s published works are available on her Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jo-louise-huq-b5824028/